BrowTastic is the first brand launched in the UK about the Henna Brows.

B2B Beauty UK are the Exclusive UK distributor and training company for the BrowTastic Henna Brows brand.

Our BrowTastic Henna Eye brows training course is also fully accredited by ABT for your peace of mind.

Customers who are already working are very excited about this beautiful product! 

A lot of salons work at this moment with BrowTastic with great success

BrowTastic is available in 2 product lines:
100% natural HENNA (product compiled with natural products  
100% natural HENNA is available in 3 colors: Light, Medium and Dark Brown.
BrowTastic HENNA: Available in 5 colors: Light Brown, Dark Brown, Light Chestnut Brown, Golden Blonde and Gray 

To work with BrowTastic, it is advisable to complete our BrowTastic Henna Brows training course.