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We are the Exclusive UK Distributor and Training Company for the Brow Tycoon Henna Brows Brand.

The Brow Tycoon henna eye brows course is fully accredited by ABT for your full peace of mind.

This Workshop is only suitable for those who already have the "styling" of eyebrows.

During the Workshop, Eyebrow Styling does not cater!
Do you have no experience in eyebrow styling? Then we recommend you to follow the course

Brow Tycoon

What exactly is henna?
Henna is made of Lawsonia inermis bush and is thus vegetable. It is a pure natural product that can colour and colour your hair and skin.

Henna will not damage the hair's hair, it's even healthy for the hair! The colours are created (henna is red tint) because henna powder is mixed with other dried plants. Thus there are several colour variants. As a result, it is not possible to bleach the hair as with chemical staining.

The henna must withdraw for 20-30 minutes. This is because it has to pull into the top layer of the skin. The longer you withdraw it, the better it draws in the first layer and thus longer fun of the paint. Depending on the skin type, proper mixing ratios, pretreatment and very important aftercare, the henna tint stays up to 2 weeks on the skin! On the hairs as long as the hair goes out!

Now there are a lot of questions about allergies. In foreign countries, they are often "rumbled" with the henna. To make them dark, they often add cheap synthetic fabric to make black henna (paraphenylene diamine) and this causes severe allergy! This is NOT processed in Brow Tycoon!

Be one of the first salons in your area to offer the fantastic henna brows with full digital consultation at the chair.

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This course is a must have for all you budding brow artists out there and seasoned beauty therapists.

Is this the end of traditional brow tinting ?

Our Brow Tycoon, henna brow kit gives you a far superior result depositing permanent colour effects and lasts for a much longer time. Also lead and ammonia free.

Effectively Covers Resistant Grey: , the henna tint for eyebrows effectively covers grey hairs in the eyebrow without any space, thus giving a thick, deeper grey coverage.

The colour may last as long as 6 weeks on the hairs and 14 days on actual skin. No more stress of colouring your eyebrows after every 2-3 days.

In your starter kit you will receive

8 colours from blonde to black and each colour has 15-18 treatments in each box.

Cleanser for before and after treatment

Brow grow oil which is excellent for brow growth strengthening and glossiness

Brushes to work with Henna and measure tools. Any more questions or to book please contact us.

The natural alternative !

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