Lash Lift Full Kit

The Mrs. LashLift is a great treatment and a real addition to your salon!
Customers will always be very satisfied with the result which is visible no less than 6 to 8 weeks!  

With this revolutionary Lash Lift treatment with a maximum of 15 minutes of contact time it is possible to deliver your clients fully loaded eyelashes that stay nice for weeks. The use of an eyelash curling tongs becomes superfluous.
Lash lifting is the latest technique in the beauty industry and can be applied to all lashes.

This unique treatment with silicone rods is suitable for every eyelash type and for both short and long lashes. Lash lifting by means of silicone pads is in contrast to eyelash perms using harmful eyelash curling tongs not harmful to your lashes, and gives a complete nutrition from the hair root.  

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