Description: We have developed an environmentally friendly double sided mitt which is formulated into two strength fabric weaves. The Silver side for a light exfolation and the black side for a stronger exfoliation. Ideal for Spray Tan Removal, Exfoliating Dry Skin, Ingrown Hair and Cellulite.

The Mitt is accompanied with a natural bodywash bar for unblocking the pores in a natural way and also removing the build up of you old spray tan, leaving your skin silky, smooth and ready to reapply your next spray tan application. Sabiha Natural Bodywash Bar can also be used daily.

How to use: Rinse your body from oils, moisturizers and soap Shower or bath your body for a few minutes until your skin softens Wet the sabiha mitt and natural bodywash bar Apply the bodywash bar where you would like the spray tan application removed Squeeze the excess water from mitt Either use silver side for a light exfoliation or black side for removal of spray tan Rub in a vertical direction until the spray tan is removed at your desire. Please note that redness to the skin may occur this is very normal and will reduce in a short period of time.

Care Instructions: Rinse both soap and glove after use

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